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Hi! I'm Dan McNulty. On this blog, I post essays and thoughts on all aspects of the World Wide Web (WWW), with a focus on the technical underpinnings.

Topics I cover (or plan to cover 😅) include:

  • The design and implementation of:
    • Web servers.
    • Non-browser user agents such as curl.
    • Middleware such as HTTP gateways, caches and the like.
    • Web apps.
  • Network and information security at all layers of the web stack.
  • Authentication and authorization in web apps.
  • The internals of the major browser engines in use today: Chromium, WebKit, Gecko.
  • The protocols: HTTP, TLS, DNS, and others from the W3C and IETF.
  • The languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • The economic characteristics of the Web and their impact on technology.

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The source for this blog is statically generated HTML, CSS, and images with a small amount of non-critical JavaScript to provide some minor interactivity such as the dark mode toggle in the upper right corner. See the Tech Stack page for more information than you would ever want on the topic 😀.

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